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Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations  - What should we do?

Foreign Relations : The world is in a mess and it isn't all caused by relations among nations. In the age of unlimited communications among trouble makers, the spreading knowledge of every more destructive weapons, and the desire of fanatical groups to do mass murders, we need to clearly identify both allies and our enemies and take appropriate actions to maintain our civilization.

At one time, most of our concerns with foreigners were getting along (or not) with other countries. This process was called "international relations." Today, however, most of our critical relations are not with other nations but with various groups, or movements, or religious nuts. Other "rogue" nations do manage to complicate our national life, but very frequently they do so by supporting and encouraging fanatical activities as a method of achieving their anti-American goals without suffering the consequences of directly challenging the U.S.

(to be continued)


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