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This site is dedicated to providing a location where pertinent information about various national problems or dilemmas can be gathered and explained. Our intent is to clarify the factors bearing on problems so that viewers can make reasonable judgments about ways to help our country remain a free democracy, with an effective government that is not overwhelmed with unreasoned partisan politics.

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Other areas of concern include:

Fiscal Disaster: The United States is facing a extremely serious problem that goes beyond politics or philosophy. Regardless of which party is in power, and notwithstanding any posturing or election promises, our country is in the process of borrowing itself into a financial disaster. Our elected officials have served us very poorly and continue to destroy our once strong and proud country.

Immigration both legal and non-legal: Questions might include (1) do we need to import people from other countries? if so, why? (2) What is an appropriate number of immigrants? (3) What should be the function of immigrants; what will they do for the country? Should immigration be controlled by country of origin? (4) Will we like the way immigration changes our society?  (More)

Education: Our public schools have been cussed and discussed extensively, some would say excessively. The questions might be: (1) What is the problem? (2) What can be done to solve the problem. (3) Who is responsible for the problem: teachers, parents, students, unions, governments, professional educators? Finally, are our schools failing us or are we failing our schools? (More)

Politically Correct: Is clarity of discussion obscured by the requirement that we must speak a meaningless double talk devoid of honesty and sincerity? How can we communicate if we are afraid to say what we mean without being accused of bigotry? (More)

Internationalism: The world is in a mess and it isn't all caused by relations among nations. In the age of unlimited communications among trouble makers, the spreading knowledge of every more destructive weapons, and the desire of fanatical groups to do mass murders, we need to clearly identify both allies and our enemies and take appropriate actions to maintain our civilization. (More)

Patriotism: Is patriotism dead in our country? Should we worry about it? What good is patriotism in today's global environment? We think it matters greatly! Let us know your opinion. (More)

Conspiracy Theories: There have certainly been numerous conspiracies in our history. Mostly, these have been pretty quickly discarded. Their conspiracies are usually founded on non pertinent or inaccurate "facts" that are marginal to their speculations. They are discarded by intelligent observers because the conspiracies are not reasonable conclusions based on actual facts. Conspiracy theories continue on forever precisely because they are not based on fact and thus permit endless speculation and wild imagination. Because they are not fact-based, they can't be proven or disproved, but no amount argument will dissuade those who believe in the mythical plot. Conspiracy theories are not harmless and their damages need to e discussed. (More)

Surveys and Polls: Do you think that polls accurately reflect informed public opinion? Neither do we, so let's talk about it. (more) more

Global Climate Change:  The Earth's climate is changing: Why is it changing? What can/should be done to alleviate change? (more)





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